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Unique Latest Hair Trends 2018 for Men

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This year, you will see men keeping their hairstyle short from the sides and making the top of the head the main point of focus by keeping longer and more textured hair.Below are some of the latest hairstyles of 2018.

Pompadour Haircuts
The Pompadour haircut is a new addition in the short style haircut. The sides are trimmed to look fade and the volume of hairs on the top is left high. If you are looking for a different hairstyle then go for Pompadour haircut. This haircut looks perfect on all men with any face shape and skin color. This is highly recommended for clean shaved men.

Mohawk Haircuts
As we know fashion revives, the same way hairstyles also revive. Mohawk was once famous in 1980’s. Today’s Mohawk is more stylish hen before. The hairs are trimmed from the sides high up to the top of the head and then down to the neck. You can also put strips on the sides by your choice. In classic Mohawk, the hair is kept longer on the top, while in fade Mohawk, the hairs are made spiky with medium length.

The Comb haircuts
Don’t think that comb haircut is used to hide the baldness of the head. This is the ideal hairstyle for curly and straight hair as well. Comb haircut is done by roughly cutting the length of the hairs. This is a decent hairstyle for men with thicker thinner hairs. All you need to put some hair gel or spray and comb it to the back or let it look messy.

Comb Haircuts 2018 for Men

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