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Natural Curly Mens Haircuts with Strict Fade

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Black men usually have natural curled hair and they don’t have idea how to make that hair look stylish. Here is the solution. The crown section is longer which is paired with curls that help in getting texture. The sides are kept short and clean.

Slicked Back with Shaved Sides:
This trendiest hairstyle for men is an amazing hairstyle that has medium length hair at the crown section. The longer section ends at the back crown with a V cut. The sides have clean shaved which needs a quick appointment to the stylist. Use gel on wet hair to hold the style and comb it in the preferred direction.

Platinum Toss Back with Shaved Sides:
The platinum toss back with shaved sides is stylish, sexy and trendiest hairstyle for men. The front section is longer whereas the sides are shaved. Shades of platinum color is added which makes the hairstyle look awesome. Apply styling gel or wax on the top and comb it toward the crown. The clean the side clean use a razor daily.

Chic Short Hairstyle:
This stylish chic hairstyle is longer at the crown whereas shorter at the temple section which goes clean shaved at the sides. Short shave bread works great with this cut. To get this hairstyle add styling product to the longer hair at the crown section and run fingers to lift the hair stand.

Medium Length Waves:
Wavy hairstyle is trending among men this year. The messy hair with waves works great for casual look. Styling product like hair gel and wax and curling iron is used to get the perfect waves.

Medium Length Waves Men's Hairstyles