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Hottest Hairstyle for Boys 2018

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Young boys are following their favorite personalities and celebrities from hairstyle to dressing. Boys want easy and stylish hairstyle to get pampered. Below are hairstyles which will help you get the best hairstyle according to your skin tones and face structure.

Stenciled Stanley Lined Hairstyle:
This amazing hairstyle is one of the most used hairstyle among boy. Teenage boys love playing with their looks. Stenciled Stanley has an edges outline drawn at the temple area. With razor a cut line drawn under that outline, one more line is added below and above the ear. Different shapes are also added instead of the lines.

Stenciled Stanley Lined Hairstyle for Boys 2018

How to get the hairstyle:
A good hair stylist is required to draw the perfect sharp line with razor. A regular appointment to the stylist is required to keep the lines clear.
Boys with darker skin tones can go for this hairstyle. All face structure works great for this hairstyle.

Faux Hawk Frankly:
Boys love wearing short hair as it found it easy to style and carry. Faux hawk frankly hairstyle is a simple and coolest hairstyle that adds more charm to their look. The hair is longer at crown section whereas shorter at the temple and more shorter at the sides.

How to get the hairstyle:
After getting the cut from the hair stylist, prep the front section with hair gel or wax. Apply the gel on your hands. Run your hands on the front section and lift the length up. You can also comb the hair to one side at the front.
All face structure gets the perfect hairstyle. Naturally straight hair works well on this hairstyle.