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Trendy Casual Hairstyles 2018 for Women

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Carrying one hairstyle throughout year for a casual look becomes boring. Everyone should go for this gorgeous hairstyle and upgrade their causal look. Everyone should be dressed and get perfect hairstyle done keeping in view the occasion. Below are few hairstyles in details that will add more charm and attraction to your causal look.

Wavy Wonder
Waves are added on the lengths of this classic hairstyle. The waves are kept at the shoulders. This hairstyle can be carried for formal and semi formal events.

How to get the look:
• Prep clean and washed hair with a styling cream.
• Blow dry using a paddle brush.
• Create curls on the strands with the help of curling iron.
• Use shiner to get more attraction.
• Separate the hair into a centre part and style the waves on the shoulders.

Additional information:
This hairstyle works well on medium and thick hair.This hairstyle can be carried with jean and gowns.

Wavy Wonder Haircuts 2018

Puffed Pony:
The front puffed and back high ponytail is an amazing hairstyle for casual look. The ponytail can be carried straight or with waves. Waves are used to give a messy look to the hair. This hairstyle can be carried with staples dress.

How to get the look:
• Prep damp hair with styling mousse.
• Blow dry using round brush.
• Heat up a curling iron and create curls on the strands.
• Use a large tooth brush to the curls.
• Pull small section of hair to the middle and make back combing.
• Secure it with bobby pins.
• Pull the entire length at the back and create a high ponytail.
• Take small section and wrap around the elastic.

Additional information:
This hairstyle is ideal for women with square and heart face structure. Medium and thick hair rocks with this hairstyle.

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