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Stylish Mermaid Braids Hairstyles Ideas 2018

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The mermaid braid is an amazing hairstyle that works for formal and semi formal functions. Given below are some stylish mermaid braid hairstyle that will add more grace and beauty to the appearance.

Mermaid Crown:
This hairstyle is quite simple but stylish with a braided headband that is created from each side and mixed at the crown.

How to get the style:
• Start with blow dried hair.
• Divide the length into four piece of strand at the back.
• Create braid on the section.
• Keep adding other piece from the hair to makes the braid look more beautiful.

Additional information:
Medium to thick hair rocks on this hairstyle. Women with all face shape can adopt this hairstyle.

Mermaids Fishtail Hairstyles
The mermaid fishtail is a stunning dramatic hairstyle that is ideal for all kind of event. Collect the hair from the sides toward the crown section.

Mermaids Fishtail Hairstyles Trends 2018

How to get the hairstyle:
• Start with blow dried hair.
• Pull the hair from the side to the crown section.
• Secure the pulled hair with elastic.
• Create fishtail braid from the crown until it reaches the length end.
• Create a small ponytail at the back where the fishtail braid ends.

Additional information:
This hairstyle works well for all kind of hair. Women with smaller forehead and round face structure can go for this hairstyle.

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