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Medium Hairstyles Trending in Spring Summer 2018

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Medium length hairs are versatile and flexiblewhich is always easy to carry and handle. There is hundreds of haircut that looks great on medium length hair. Given below are 06 hairstyles which medium length lover can adopt for more good looks. Before applying these hairstyles, it is important to consul and discusses it with your stylist.

Undercut at the back:
In the last decade clippers on the sides of head was trendy. But nowadays people have started using the clippers on the back of their head. Using clipper helps in getting rid of weight at the back without layering. the hair is cleaned by a razor at the back while the crown section is longer which covers the blond at the back. The hairstyle is very easy to style and carry.

How to achieve the hairstyle:
Use a hair styling cream on wet hair.
Use a blow dryer at the crown section while using a styling brush.
Apply a heat protection cream on the hair.
Run a flat iron to get straight hair.
This hairstyle works on oval, heart and long face structure. Medium to thick hair works well with this hairstyle.

Stacked A-Line Bob
The stacked A-line bob is one of the most stylish hairstyle which is shorter at the back. The shorter layer cut at the back helps in getting volume. As it is A-line cut it helps in face framing.

Stacked A-Line Bob Hairstyles Ideas 2018

How to achieve the Style:
Apply a hair mousse on damp hair.
Divide the hair in a side part.
Dry out hair using a paddle brush.
Run a flat iron on hair for straight and smooth hair.
Use a holding spray at the end.
The hairstyle is suitable for all face structure and natural straight hair work well on it.

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