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31 Easy Stylish Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair

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Updos are simple and easy hairstyle for long hair and hot summer days. These updo are easy and does not require much time to get styled. You can wear these hairstyles on wedding functions, musical night, outing and so on. Pair this updos with braids, ponytails, curls and bangs.

Soft braided updo:
The soft braid turns into a loop is best hairstyle for long thick hair. This updo is quite easy and simple hairstyle that does not require much time to get done. To get the look, blow dry wet hair after prepping it with hair mousse. Make a back combing at the crown section for more volume.Divide the length into three sections and create Dutch braid on the length and twist it a loop. Secure the loop with hair pins.
The hairstyle works on round, oval and square face structure. Medium to thick hair works great on this hairstyle.

Soft Braided Updo Hairstyles

Dutch Halo:
The elegant and versatile hairstyle has Dutch braids from the front side and goes at back and turns into an updo. To get the look, blow dry prepped wet hair using a paddle brush. Divide the hair into a deep side part. Divide the fringe into three pieces and create braid on fringe and continue it to other side of head. Secure the remaining hair from the side and secure it with bobby pin with the braided section.
The hairstyle works on heart, squareand oval face structure. The hairstyle looks great on medium to thick hair.