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Double Upside Down Braid and Buns Hairstyles 2018

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This hairstyle is similarly to the Dutch upside-down braid but cannot be carried for formal events. It works for workout, jogging, and other outside activities.

To get the hairstyle follow these steps:
Blow dry hair wet hair with styling brush.
Create a deep a centre part from front to back.
Pin up one side to make a clear braid.
Start from one side by take three piece of hair at the nape of the neck and start creating a Dutch braid
Keep on adding another piece of hair with the side strands and continue until reaches the crown section.
Use hair pins and elastic to secure the braided section at the crown.
Repeat the same steps on the other side.
Pull the hair from one side at the front to create a messy bun at the crown or where the braided section ends.
With the help of your fingers make the bun look loose and messy.
Secure with hair pins.
Repeat the same step on other side.
Apply a holding spray for finishing.

Women with square and oval face structure can go for this hairstyle.

Double Upside Down Braid and Buns Hairstyles 2018, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating