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Decent Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2017 for perfect look

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In 2017 there are few hairstyles for shoulder length hair look perfect in daily as well as in any event.

The multi platinum art is classy hair style which one can carry for any event. Theamazing layer cut helps in face framing.

Steps to style:
o The style contains adding color so be careful while adding color so that the color does not merge.
o After adding color take bath and dry out your hair.
o Divide hair in side part as u desire.
o Run a flat iron to hair and turn over the edges and bangs.

The hairstyle has beautiful bangs at the level of eye. The hairstyle is effortless and easy to style. It gives sexy and feminine look. Women with round and heart face structure can apply this hairstyle for better looks. Short to medium hair which is straight can rock on this style.

Steps to style
o Use a flat iron to straight the hair.
o Brush the bangs forward at the eye level and the length to the shoulder.
o Use barrel iron to curls and the layers and edges.

The lil red ringlet is a beautiful hairstyle which gives long lasting. You can pin up the curl as an updo or side sweep which can be carried for any event. Women with oval face structure works well on the style.

Steps to style:
o Start with damp hair.
o Comb hair and divide the hair in a side part.
o Use a roller or a curly iron to the entire hair but make sure you have to keep the bangs area straight.
o Apply hair spray to hold.

The curly suit is a unique hairstyle which has curled back while straight bangs. You can divide the front section into a side part or simply two parts. One can carry this hairstyle for day as well as night event. The hairstyle works on women with pearl and heart face structure.

Steps to style:
o Start with damp hair.
o Apply a styling cream on your hair.
o Divide the hair into two part the front section and back section.
o Use a curling iron and create curls on the back section.
o At the front section run a flat iron.
o Use your finger tips and mix the both section.
o Apply holding spray.