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Balayage Hairstyle Ideas for 2017 – 2018 Shoulder Length layered Hair

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When a blonde shade is blended with a light brown or another blonde you will get dimensional hair shading with the depth and very trendy look.

1. Bronde Medium Layered Hairstyle
For all the girls who need a easy style that will work effectively and in any occasions, this hair style will be the best and work perfect. In this hairstyle the smooth layers and advanced shading will mix well for any event.

2. Wavy Long Layers
The Wavy long layers hairstyle is perfect on cool young working women, when they don’t have enough time to maintain their hair and gives perfect look to fall back on when they are feeling dull. It is always attractive.

3. Full and Flippy hairstyle
The full and flippy with Balayage Blonde will increase your shading by including flirty layers that will make your highlights look shiny in the sunlight.That will look amazing. Classy prodding all through the crown will likewise add close to floppy curls.

4. Caramel Wavy Hairstyle
This hairstyle have the right layers, you can give your hair a chance to air dry and result in attractive yet simple free twists. It’s a wonderful and effortless search for busy women.

5. Brown Barrel Curls with Balayage

If you don’t have long hair probably you will appreciate this brown barrel shading. Medium length hair performs well on this blonde hair and a section down the center keeps things straightforward and voluminous. When you will include a brown shade of blonde to your layers it will help you to light up your face.