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Back Braided Top Knot Hairstyles 2018

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The back braided and topknot was the greatest trend last year and is not going anywhere in 2018. This hairstyle is effortless and ideal for formal evening events.

How to get the hairstyle:
Blow dry wet hair after prepping it with styling mousse.
Turn your head upside down to get braid at the back.
Set the hair in that position and divide the hair into three piece of hair at the nape of the neck.
Add other piece of hair from the head while braiding.
Braid until it reaches the crown area and secure with bobby pins.
Turn your head and gather the hair from the front.
Make a random bun at the top.

Additional information:
This hairstyle works for all type of hair. Women with round and oval face structure can go for this hairstyle. Small piece of hair is kept around the face for face framing.

Top Bun with Braided Headband:
This stylish topknot hairstyle is simple and traditional with a high bun with braided piece wrapped around the bun.

How to get the hairstyle:
Start with blow dried hair.
Run flat on the length.
Pull the hair at the crown and create a ponytail.
Separate a piece of take for the pony tail and secure it with bobby pins it a side.
Create a bun of the ponytail and secure with hair pins.
Create braid on the piece that was kept aside.
Wrap it around the bun and secure with hair pins.

Additional information:
This hairstyle is ideal for oval, round and square face structure. All type of hair works well for this hairstyle.