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Amazingly Versatile Long Hairstyle for Teenage Girls 2017 _ 2018

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Teenage girls love carrying long hair. Those who have natural straight hair can create curls. So girls with straight hair here are more beautiful hairstyle for you people to look more beautiful and stunning.

1: Pony-Up Buttercup
This is a simple and also stylish hairstyle. Half of the hair is braided while half is straight which gives amazing unique look. To get the style you need to
Start with the top section.
Comb your hair to the back and take a piece of hair at the top section.
Then start creating braid until the end. Now pull the side and pin it under the braid.

2: Braided Crown hairstyle
This hairstyle is one of the easiest and effortless hairstyle. It can be carried for causal and for special event. Piece of hair can be kept at the front for face framing. To get the style.
Comb your hair and divide the hair just above the ear.
Start creating braid around your head when reaches at the starting point combine it with the remaining.
Secure it with bobby pin.

3: Braided Parting and Headband

Braided parting and headband is a unique hairstyle which can be carried for any event whether day or night. To get the hairstyle.
Start with wet hair.
Divide your hair into a centre part.
Take a piece of hair at the centre and creating traditional braid on it toward the face.
When reaches at the forehead divide the braid into two parts.
Continue the braid to the side and hid it behind the ear.
Secure the end with bobby pins.

4: Auburn Infinity Knot
Auburn infinity knot is an amazing hairstyle for long hair. It is easy to style and effortless to manage. The half up, half down hairstyle is one of the trendiest styles nowadays. To get the style,
Start with applying a styling cream to damp hair.
Dry out the hair using a flat brush.
Pull hair from the side of forehead and start creating braid until the length at the back.
Twist the hair and make a bun.
Secure the bun with bobby pins.

5: Long Blonde Curls
Curls on long hair are one of the most trending hairstyle. The long blonde curls give stunning and sophisticated look. To achieve the style,
Begin with applying styling cream and drying out using a round brush.
Use a curling iron after heating up.
Use your fingers to make the curls loose. It looks fantastic.

Stunning Long Blonde Curls Hairstyles Ideas for Sophisticated Look

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