Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas for Medium Length Hairstyles 2017 – 2018 |
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Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas for Medium Length Hairstyles 2017 – 2018

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1. Golden Highlights with Medium Brown Hair
This hair style combines the balayage approach with clear streaks for a superb pretty and amusing fashion. The blonde that skew at the golden part of your hair and the brown part of your hair showing slight tones of red, this will look perfect and suits best for women with a warm skin tone.

2. Painted Balayage Highlights
These hairstyles with light chestnut hair look flawlessness. Your hair will look superb with those flattering tones and textures. You can also ask your hairstylist for painted on highlights which will give brighter look near the face. For your shoulder length hair keep style your hair in free waves.

3. Low-lights with Multi-Toned Brown Bob
In this hairstyle the highlights are placed on the top layer of the hair off the part because they fall over the rest of the hair, which looks wonderful. The darker hair under with the blond on top makes for a lively look.

4. Chunky Highlights with nectar blonde
Lowlights add a considerable measurement to your hair and look particularly stunning when you twist your strands freely. You have to match different shades of cocoa with nectar blonde lumps and you’ll love your new unique style.

5. Light Brown color with Caramel
This is stunning hair style which gives you younger and herbal attraction. In this hairstyle the light brown hair with blonde highlights looks high quality whilst finished finely. While making this hairstyle you can ask your hair stylist for highlights just one or somehow lighter than your hair. Additionally let them are more limited close to your face and through the ends of your hair.

Light Brown Color with Caramel Medium Length Hairstyle 2017 - 2018

6. Purple and Blonde with Light Brown Hair
Red highlights are a specific favorite for women with brown hair because they certainly change ones appearance. Red and blonde together is one of those mixes that a few people love and others loathe. So on if that you cherish it and then you better do you.